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Ok, so, here's the updated list of people attending/maybe attending Oni-con and staying in our room:

1. Jenny Ayala
2. Sarah Williams
3. Matt Anderson
4. Matt Patterson
5. Aaron Greiger
6. Charla Horton

Sarah Mann

So, as you can see, we'll be getting snuggly. But we'll be paying less, so that's okay.

Now, for dues - the people coming in our car from Lake Jackson will be Jenny, Sarah Williams, Anderson, Patterson and Aaron. That's 5, we can probably fit us all in the van with our stuff easily. So, those 5 people will be paying for Room, Internet, Gas and Parking. I'm going to split up Lodging and Transportation into two separate things, as Charla and Sarah and Torie wouldn't be paying for our stuff, and such. Here's how it splits up:

Team Shenanigans (those coming from Lake Jackson)

45 (parking) + 40 (gas) = $85
Divided by 5 = $17

So that's how much the people carpooling from Lake Jackson owe for transportation.

Team Shenanigans and Team Non-Shenanigans combined
236.90 (room) + 9.99 (internet) = 246.89
Divided by 6 = 41.15 ~ $42
Divided by 7 = 35.27 ~ $36
Divided by 8 = 30.86 ~ $31

And EVERYONE owes this amount for lodging, because everyone pays for the room and the internet connection, even if you're not bringing a laptop, everyone pays, sorry. So, at the moment, with the confirmed people coming and those who already paid the $25 deposit, this is how dues sit:

Jenny - $34
Anderson - $34
Aaron - $34
Patterson - $59
Sarah - $59
Charla - $59

Also, Anderson, Sarah, Patterson, GET YOUR BADGES. Or get them at the con, whatever. It's cheaper if you preorder and less annoying.

Comment with any questions or comments.

[EDIT]: Anderson just informed me that he's not going to be able to attend, so once I figure out who's going to take his spot and if they'll be driving with us, I'll recalculate transportation dues, but the lodging dues will remain the same.