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Hilton Americas (website)
1600 Lamar
Houston, TX 77010
713-739-8007 (fax)

Rate w/ discount: $103.00/night (a non-smoking room for 4 adults with 2 double beds)
Tax: %15
Internet: 9.99/day
Parking: $15/day (I think this might be less for the con, but let's not underestimate)
Gas: $40


103 (rate) x 2 (two nights) = 206 (subtotal for two nights)
206 + 30.9 (tax at 15%) = 236.90 (room total)
236.90 (room) + 9.99 (internet for Saturday) + 45 (parking for 3 days) + 40 (gas) = 331.89

Divided by 4: 82.9725 ~ $83
Divided by 5: 66.378 ~ $67
Divived by 6: 55.315 ~ $56

Gas and parking may be adjusted if Hunter isn't traveling to the con in our car (if he goes straight from Austin to Houston instead of to Lake Jackson, with us to Houston and back with us to LJ).

And here are the people who have told me they are coming:


I'm also going to be asking AJ if he wants to come along. AND WE WILL REMEMBER TO BRING THINGS FOR SLEEPING ON THIS TIME =\

Now, this is important: There is a required deposit for the room. That means there is an amount of money (one night, room and tax) that you have to pay upon reserving the room. The deposit is: $120.51

120 divided by 5 is 24, so I need you all to pay me $25 ASAP! And, of course, that $25 will be taken out of your dues for the room.

If you're certain you're going, go ahead and order your con badge from the Oni-con website today or as soon as you get your paycheck. I'll be getting mine on Friday. You want to make sure you get the badge early, before the price goes up. The same goes for the room, we want to make sure we reserve it now before the price gets bumped up or something.

As for cosplay, this is what I'm planning:

Oni-con 2008
Mugen - Samurai Champloo - 0%
Luffione - One Piece Mafia (Jinginai Time) - 10%
[Flashback] Knives - Trigun Maximum - 70% (or Tessla, depending on what Sarah decides to do)
Someone - Ouran HS Host Club - 80%

Let me know what you guys think!

A-kon 2008 - Pictures and Con Report

The programming sucked, but the social stuff was fun. DN PJ Party, FTW.


A-kon 2008 - Is TOMORROW.

We'll be leaving Lake Jackson at 10AM. Aaron, be at my house at 9:30 (9 works too <3), we'll load up Sarah and I's stuff and the food, then head to Patterson's, pick him and his stuff up, then head to Brewster's and get his stuffs, and hopefully be out on the highway heading towards Buc-cee's to fill up on gas at 10.

We're going to arrive at the con around 3PM - we'll find the parking garage, call Kate, David and Line, then go to check-in to Team Shenanigan's room and Team DuckDuck's room and meet Kate, David and Line somewhere along the way there. We'll dump our stuff in the room, Sarah and I will put on cosplay, and we can all go get our badges after that.

Aaron - we'll micromanage all this out tonight xD

Sarah, Aaron and I are going to get food at 7ish tonight. Um, considering the only other people that would be around to go along don't read this then... RAWR :D

A WARNING FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE NOT GONE TO A CON WITH ME BEFORE: I get really frustrated with big crowds/organizational fail at cons, so if I seem like a bitch for the first half hour you're around me, I'm very sorry D: Feel free to slap me. Trust me, I'll be much better after we've got our rooms and our badges and we're all set D:

People who still need to pay:
Richie: $20
Kristen: $40

People we're getting money from at the con:
Line: $35
Kate: $100
David: $100

Uuuuuuum other than that, I think we're good to go, guys ^_^ Let me know if you're got any questions or worries <3


Ok, last minute stuff: We're leaving Lake Jackson at 10 AM Friday morning, and we'll be arriving at the Weston at 3PM.

Aaron, be at my house at 9:30 AM <3.
Sarah, you're spending the night at my house Thursday night.
Patterson, we'll swing by to pick you up.
Brewster... I don't know how we're picking you up. Do you want to spend the night too? Or do you want us to come fetch you like Patterson?

If anyone wants to bring food, as usual, I'll make a Wal-Mart run a couple days before we go and pick up some snack things. I need to get goodies for the DN PJ party, so I'll be there anyway. If you want to partake in the stuff I get at Wal-Mart, come along and contribute a few bucks.



Team Shenanigans
Jenny - $0!
Aaron - $0!
Richie - $20
Kristen - $40
Patterson - $0!
Line - $35

Team DuckDuck
Sarah - ILU.
Brewster - $145
Kate - $100
Kate's Brother - $100 


A'Cen 2008 - was SIMPLY FABULOUS!

It included awesome cospaly success, an amazing panel experience, meeting a lot of cool people, a whole bunch of dancing, silliness, yu-gi-oh abridged and Escablowme quotes, and Hot Sanji!

Pictures are here and videos should be uploaded soon.

Con memes:
"This ___fill_in_the_blank___ is SIMPLY FABULOUS!"
"One Piece is fruity."
Kyouya's wig holds all of Ocean's Eleven in it.
Kyouya and Chichigo have mary-jane sessions.
Kyouya is drunk.
Chichigo is Chichigo.
Hand symbols for Trench Coat, Lunch, Cloak, Wig, Binding.
Near and Mello support Technology.
Goku supports Coca-Cola.
Tamaki supports Pepsi, but he's switching to Coke.
Kyouya is Kira.
Nekozawa wants to be Kira.
Dancing Mori-senpai needs to be canon.

and sundry others.

Team Shenanigans
Jenny - $0!
Aaron - $0!
Richie - $20
Kristen - $40
Patterson - $0!
Line - $35

Team DuckDuck
Sarah - ILU.
Brewster - $145
Kate - $100
Kate's Brother - $100

A-kon 2008 - I'm not gay, I'm just British

It's kind of sad that I feel that I need to say this again, and I know you who have gone to cons with me before have heard this a million times already, but here it is - I will not tolerate any kind of drama.

You will be in a small, over-crowded room with people you may not know, may not get along with, or may have had some dramadrama with in the past. Note: You are all my friends, so I do not feel bad yelling at any of you if I think you've stepped out of line. And if I think you have, trust me, I will tell you.

Also note: You are ALL my friends, so I will be equally offended if any of you verbally attack any of each other. Generally the rule is, the one to say something snappy first is the one at fault unless it is really, blatantly provoked, which it usually is not. I ask, for the duration of this convention, that you put differences and outside drama aside, and fear me more than you fear/dislike each other :D

Also also note: There ARE two rooms. If you feel you can not be in the same room as some one else without being uncomfortable or making nasty comments/expressions in their direction, TELL ME and I will move you. This is what the current rooming arrangements look like, and who the people are staying in the rooms so you know who you're staying with somewhat:

Team Shenanigans (two double-sized beds)
Jenny (Me)
Aaron (Coolest DDRer in town, I've known him forevar. We frequently have long tangents of geekery (SEE: A-KON 2007 ITINERARY), but the two of us combined may get annoying to those who do not appreciate geekery :D Also, does not like sharing beds with men and sleeps upside down in chairs. Travel with him if you're looking for DDR.)
Matt Patterson (My favorite schmuck, he's gone to every con with me, save for Oni-con 2007 and Ikkicon, and behaves himself well. The creator of great hilarity and odd conversations.)
Richie (Worked with me at G'Stop, made of great win and geekery. He's very agreeable most of the time, but won't likely actually be in the room for more than 15% of the con. Enjoys penguins, tacos and long walks on murloc infested beaches. Travel with him if you're looking for gaming.)
Kristen (Richie's girlfriend)
Line (Lee-nah) (Lives in Not-Lake Jackson, Texas but I know her from Wheaton in Illinois. She is made of happy and win ^_^ A very bouncy little person ^_^)

Team DuckDuck (one queen sized bed)
Sarah (My bestest buddy since elementary school. Sweetest person in the world who can not say no to anyone so feel free to take advantage of her be nice. She'll most likely either be with me or Brewster at all times. All around, a pleasant person to be around.)
Matt Brewster (boyfriend of Sarah, not nearly as sweet, can say no very easily. A lovable jackass, and pretty darn fun to be around when he's in good spirits. He's been a best friend of mine forevar.)
Kate (A friend of Line who seems very nice ^_^)
Kate's Brother (who is still nameless, poor child. I actually don't know anything about him =\ But his sister is nice =D)

Another rule that I have to make sure everyone is clear on: Do not bring any other people into our rooms. If it is a friend that you found at the con, they need somewhere to crash, and they have $100 to give us for the room, then talk to me or Sarah first and MAYBE they can stay in one of the rooms. Other than that - NO ONE ELSE COMES INTO OUR ROOMS. For several reasons: One, it freaks the other people in your room out. Two, con people, in general, are creepy. Three, there is the possibility that they could steal things. Four, if they are not paying, then it is unfair to the people that did pay.

Another thing to be aware of: Do not travel alone at a con especially not at odd hours of the night. Yes, 99.9% of the people at conventions are completely harmless geeks like us, but keep in mind, there are some really creepy people at conventions, and this is a HUGE con. Also, this is in Dallas, so as a general rule, don't travel alone, especially if you're a girl. At Ikkicon, there was an almost-incident which was kind of scary, so make sure you always have someone with you - if not one of the guys, then at least one other girl. Or a girl crossplaying that looks enough like a guy to out-creepy the creepy people. Be especially care during the late hours of the con. If you're a girl, NEVER travel alone past 1 AM, and make sure you've got your cell phone on you.

Now, various things you'll want to bring:

Cell phones: If you have one, bring it, bring your charger, and keep it on your person at all times. We'll all exchange phone numbers before we head our separate ways into the con, so if there's an emergency or something, we can contact each other. Also, so we can find each other if we see something ridiculously awesome that we think someone else might like. Also, so we can make sure that Richie is still alive. Also, if you need to get back into the room and you're not one of the people with a room key, you'll need to contact them to get your hands on a key. =D

Photo ID/Driver's license: Make sure you bring it. Not only will you need it to get your badge, but you'll also need it to get into certain events, like the 18+ improv show (because they use bad words and innuendo sometimes), yaoi/hentai fest if you're interested in that, you'll also need it to buy certain things like weapons, and if you're paying with a card in the Dealer's room it is almost certain they will ask you for photo id.

Badge Reciept: This is the most important thing. If you forget everything else, BRING THE PRINT OUT OF YOUR BADGE RECIEPT. You can not get your badge and you can not get into the con without it.

Extra pillows/blankets/sleeping bags: There will be people sleeping on the floor in both rooms. This is much more tolerable with cushion between you and the carpet. I will be bringing some stuff from my house, but you'll want to bring some too.

If anyone is interested, I will have a print out of the list of photoshoots and gatherings, in case they want to be a part of/go and take pictures of one of them.

Line, Kate, and Kate's Brother: I'll give you Sarah and I's cell phone number and if we can get numbers from you that would be cool, so we can call you guys or you can call us when you get up to the con and we can meet you to take you to the rooms and give you a room key. We'll bet getting up to the hotel around 3pm.

Richie and Kristen: You have my phone number, call me when you get to the con <3

Lake Jackson kids driving with me up to the con: We are leaving at 10 AM. Be at my house at 9:30 AM. That said, who wants to be picked up, so they don't have to leave their car outside my house all weekend? the people driving up with us are Me, Aaron, Patterson, Brewster and Sarah. Normally we go and pick up Patterson. Sarah, you can spend the night at my house the night before. Brewster? Would you like to be picked up? Aaron, you have to come over. I'll give you a poptart for your travels <3.

This is what my schedule will look like for A-kon and A'Cen. I am posting it to get it comfirmed by the people I'm cosplaying with, so, A'Cen, Leaf for Death Note and Ouran, and then for A-kon, Sarah for GazettE and One Piece. Let me know what you guys think.

Anime Central 2008 Scheduling.


Arrive at con in Death Note cosplay, chunk stuff in the room, put on wigs, do binding, do make-up, grab props, go run around the con. (Leaf is required for this change.)
3 pm -Death Note - Tree Patch/Backup: Convention Center Lobby

Run back to the room, change into Ouran costumes, put on and style wigs, do make-up, grab props, go to Ouran gathering. (Leaf is required for this change.)

5 pm-Ouran Host – Dome


Hang out to chat with the panel people.


Back to room, paint Jenny’s fingernails black, redo binding, do hair, make-up, load up on accessories, go to Jrock shoot. (Leaf is required for this change.)

10 pm -J-Rock - East Inside Wall

Probably wear Jrock cosplay for the rest of the night. Especially at the rave. *_*


Wake up around 8, shower, bind, make-up, get into Ruki cosplay, go to shoot. (Leaf will have to wake up to put eyeliner on Jenny. And do the throat line things (which I will show you (I forgot that I need these).)

10 am -J-Rock - East Inside Wall


Run about for a bit.


Back to room, un-make-up, un-paint fingernails, un-style wig, become Luffy. Go to shoot. (Jenny is self-sufficient in this moment.)

2 pm -One Piece - Tree patch

3 pm -Death Note - Loading docks/Backup: Convention Center Lobby


Meet back at the room around 3/3:30ish? get into Ouran cosplay (it'll be a quick and easy switch from Luffy, considering they use the same wig and Luffy has almost no make-up to remove), grab Death Note, go to panel.

Ouran Panel – 4:30 - 5:30


Change back into Luffy (because it’s more comfy and less layered) and go to RAVE! YARH!



Wear whatev. Death Note would be cool again.




A-kon 2008 Scheduling




We depart from Jenny’s house.

Arrive around 3pm or 4pm.

Check in, chunk stuff in room, get into One Piece cosplay, go to get badges.


Run about in One Piece cosplay and try to find the CP9 group *_*.

Rave. *_*


Bind, get into One Piece cosplay, put on wigs and make-up, go to OP shoot.


One Piece :: 11AM ;; Second floor near the Skybridge

At our leisure, go back to the room, do nail polish, redo binding, make-up, fauxhawk, put on GazettE cosplay and run about the con in it, causing general havoc and mayhem.




Change into Near cosplay or PJ!Near cosplay at some point, grab goodies for PJ!party, run to DN PJ Party of Ultimate Maddness.


Death Note Pajama Party (Maddness!) :: 11:00 PM ;; 1st Floor, in front of Pre-Reg meeting
led by AlchemyUser and Nikineko


Pack up stuff for tomorrow, shower, whutev.





Pack, move stuff to the car, we have to be checked out of the room at noon. We can check out and, while we move stuff, leave one person to open the door.


Jenny MUST make it to the Death Note shoot this year. I might leave in the middle of packing up, go to the shoot, and come back.

Death Note Gathering/Photoshoot :: 11:00 AM ;; 1st Floor, in front of Pre-Reg
led by AlchemyUser and Nikineko

Do whatever for a while, decide on a time to meet back up in the food court, eat, leave for home. TADA.

A-kon 2008 - I'm British, you know.

Ok, this has to do with cosplay and social things that will be happening at A-kon, so you guys know what's up or think you might want to be involved in something.

First of all: MASSIVE DEATH NOTE PJ PARTY OF WIN AND ULTIMATE MADDNESS SATURDAY NIGHT! Leaf would be the only other person that remembers, but last year, me, AlchemyUser (as L), Ninkineko (her twin as Light), a Misa and a random Pence from KH2 decided we were going to have a Death Note PJ party. Leaf arrived much later after I called her fifty billion times =D. Activities last year included 1. Invading the Kingdom Hearts party and being slightly disturbed by their Truth or Dare activities 2. Skipping in a handcuff chain around the food court at 2 AM 3. sitting near the escalator on the third floor and chatting. It was sad that we didn't have more people, but still very fun. THIS YEAR WILL BE MUCH GRANDER. WE HAVE TONS OF PEOPLE COMING. AND BY TONS, I MEAN ENOUGH TO FILL UP A 20 PAGE LONG THREAD ON COSPLAY.COM, WHICH IS LOCATED ---> HERE! activities will include 1. Ultimate madness 2. making fun formations with the L cosplayers. 3. A march of Ls. 4. Ls screaming at (Bleach)Shinigamis. 5. Goodies for all. 6. Ultimate maddness. 7. probably some skipping. 8. probably another invasion of the KH party. 9. More maddness 10. DEATH NOTE. This will be happening Saturday night at 11pm. It would be good if you're in pj or Death Note cosplay, but it's cool if you're not, come join the fun. Also, the general DN photoshoot will be Sunday morning at 11AM.

This is the general Photoshoot and Meet-ups List. You may be interested.

Something that is not mentioned on there is the two One Piece Gatherings. I doubt many other people will be interested, but Sarah and I will be going =O. On is Friday at 10/11/12/A time when we will not be there. The other is Saturday at 11AM. That's the one I plan to go to. There will be a huge Thriller Bark cosplay group done by some really awesome people, so if you're a One Piece fan, definitely come along with us to see these guys. They also do an awesome CP9 group, which, I think, they'll be in on Friday.

All Fandoms PJ Party - Saturday, Midnight.
I don't know much about it. Mainly because I'm not going. Because I will be busy with Ultimate Maddness. But it is something to be interested in if you think you might want to make a PJ version of a cosplay. There is most likely also a Bleach PJ party, but you usually have to be in Bleach cosplay to get into it.

A-kon Goes For Gaming Cosplay Record! - Saturday 1:00-4:00 PM
A-kon goes for the Guiness Book of World Records! For having the MOST people in video game costumes in one place EVAR. It sounds like it'll be pretty amazing, and I definitely want to see it. Video game costumes = HAWT. Richeh, you'll want to see it.

Class of 2008 Gathering/Photoshoot - Saturday at 10:45 AM
This is for anyone graduating this year - from high school or college, whatever. Kristen would qualify.


I know there will at least be a Mario Kart tournament held by DugFinn and Mr. 3000 of Digital Dimension Cosplay, but I'm not sure about anything else. Check the A-kon website for it.

That's all I can think of at the moment =\

Dues are coming along nicely for Team Shenanigans. We're at the point where, if you drop out, I will not give you your money back. So don't change your mind, Patterson.

Team Shenanigans
Jenny - $0!
Aaron - $20
Richie - $20
Kristen - $40
Patterson - $50
Line - $35

Team DuckDuck
Sarah - ILU.
Brewster - $145
Kate - $100
Kate's Brother (who probably has a name all his own) - $100
This is my "I'm yo gangsta pimp. Nao pay up." icon. I reserve it for these special occasions in which I hassle you, the people, for munneyz.

By the way, Patterson, how's that flag coming?

Btw, Sarah, your team is the Evil Empire. Mine is the Rebel Faction. Sorry, we called rebels first. =P Sucka.

Team Shenanigans - What people owe Jenny and when they owe it.
Jenny - $0!
Aaron - $20 (Giving to me next paycheck)
Richie - $20 (Giving to me next paycheck)
Kristen - $40 (Giving to me through Richie on Richie's next paycheck)
Patterson - $50 (I'll find you somewhere and hassle you for it sometime.)
Line - $35 (Giving this to me at the con)

Team DuckDuck - what people owe Sarah
Sarah - Still wondering, why, again, do you owe me money? Forget whatever money you owe me, just buy your wig and I'll be happy.
Brewster - $145
Kate - $100
Kate's Brother (who probably has a name all his own) - $100