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Con review is posted over this'a way! =O Sadly, no pictures, as everyone sucks ass D:


RiotStar Cosplay


I also wanted to make a brief announcement.  I'm in a web design class at BC, and we is makin' websites.  I'm using an idea Jenny and I came up with a while ago, RiotStar Cosplay, and we're going to attempt to actually launch a tutorial/sell cosplay items and cute things site.  If you have anything you'd like to contribute, such as....
- Con pictures/reports
- Tutorials you've written/would like to see
- Something you'd like to sell that you can commit to being responsible about producing/shipping on your own
- Any ideas for things you'd like to see on a cosplay site

Either post here or send it to
RiotStar.Cosplay@gmail.com.  Credit will most definitely be given where it's due.

Currently the site is being hosted by BC, but once the class is over I'll hopefully be moving it to an actual domain.  It's also unfinished, so no, you can't look at it.  XD  Well.  Okay, if you WANT, I'll link you.  Anyway, yeah, Jenny and I hope for this to be something big.  I'll mostly be doing the web mastering and organizey things such as shipping, keeping up with orders, customer service, whatever, and Jenny'll be makin' them cosplay awesomeness and writin' up tutorials.  It will be FUN.  XD  I'll try and keep you guys posted on what's up.

A-kon 2009 - Attendee update

We are going to be in the Westin, no suite. Here's the list of people most definitely coming.

1. Jenny Ayala
2. Sarah Brewster
3. Matt Brewster
4. Aaron Grieger
5. Charla Horton
6. Torie Murdock
7. Jeff Philbrick

People who said they're coming but I'm doubtful about whether they'll follow through
8. Hunter Robinson
9. Matt Patterson

Here's dues again:

/4 = 114.43 ~ $115
/5 = 91.54 ~ $92
/6 = 76.28 ~ $77
/7 = 65.39 ~ $66
/8 = 57.21 ~ $58
/9 = 50.86 ~ $51

People coming from Lake Jackson, aka, people in the van are these:

So we only need the van it looks like. Let me know if you're planning on coming from Lake Jackson. Also, give me money.

Cosplay for 2010

Okay, I'm gonna put these down in written form so we can see what we're getting ourselves into.

These are things we've stated we're doing for next year.

Jenny - Klaus
Leafy - Dorian
Renge/Jen - Agent Z
Sarah? - James?

Jenny - Haine
Leafy - Badou

Jenny - Farfie-chu
Leafy - Schuschu

Also, a while ago we mentioned interest in a Samurai Seven group. In the case that that happens, here's how it'll pan out:
Jenny - Heihachi
Leafy - Kyouzo
Sarah - idk, Katsugirlymanwiththeponytail
Woowoo another A-kon : D Hopefully better than the last 3 : D Called the Westin, we have a room with 2 double beds reserved under or name, though I am in a conversation with my future roomie about maybe combining forces to get a suite which may or may not end up cheaper, and that will be the deal breaker. I'll keep everyone posted.

Here's how the cash cash munneys works out with the 2 Double bed traditional room:

$199 + tax per night. (Tax estimated at 15% (unless state and city taxes have changed, this is the correct amount)
Tax - $29.85
Total, 1 night: $228.85
Total, 2 nights: $457.70

/4 = 114.43 ~ $115
/5 = 91.54 ~ $92
/6 = 76.28 ~ $77
/7 = 65.39 ~ $66
/8 = 57.21 ~ $58

Gas and parking is estimated per vehicle. If you're riding with me from Lake Jackson in the van, which seats 7 if you stick someone in every seat belt (no seatbelt-less people in my car) and staying all through Sunday, this is how parking and gas works out:

Self Parking - $12 per $24 with no in and out privileges.
Valet - $24 for 24 hours, with no and out privileges.
We're doing self-parking. So it works out to $24 total.
Here's what dues work out to, rounded up to the dollar because I don't want to handle your change.
/4 = $6
/5 = $5
/6 = $4
/7 = $4

Gas - for now, until I can talk to my mom again, I'm estimating gas at $90 total.
/4 = $22
/5 = $18
/6 = $15
/7 = $13

Here's some things that need discussing as we've had problems with them in the past:

Once you confirm that you are in the room, your spot is saved, and the first 4 people to say "Yes, you can count on me to be in the room" are guaranteed to get a spot on the beds. It doesn't work on 'who gives me money first' sorry, we're elitist, it's 'who tells me they're in on the group first' so those guys who told me a week after last A-kon that they'd for sure be on for next year are getting a spot. Sorry. This is how it has always worked with us. Do not try to con people out of their bed spot. Especially me or Sarah. Because we are fucking pissy if we don't get good sleep, assholes. If I come in at 4am and there is someone sleeping in my spot I will roll you off the fucking mattress. This is not something I am cool about, especially not at A-kon.

Once you give me money, you do not get it back because I have had way to many problems with people dropping out and me struggling at the last minute to try to cover their spots.

If you drop out within 2 weeks of the con, you owe me the full dues for your share of the room because I'm sick of having to cover your asses. Money is srs biz and I'm going to shit kick the next person who says, 3 days before the con, "I can't come because I spent my pay check on a video game instead of saving it to pay you $75 for my part of the room that I promised I'd be responsible for : D Soooorryyyyyyy" I will try to get your room covered, but if I can't, you owe me that money you promised to me you'd be responsible for. I'm seriously thinking of writing up legalized contracts, guys, this is getting ridiculous.

DO NOT give your badge to any one. We had a serious issue with this at the last convention. By the Guilty By Association law, if you do this and get busted for it, EVERYONE in the room can get in trouble for it as well. And I'm not just saying that, this actually happened at Ikkicon and I was pissed, so just don't do it.

DO NOT go into the con without a badge and get kicked out. Likewise issue.

DO NOT ask to borrow someone else's badge.

DO NOT bring anyone into the room that I don't know.

DO NOT tell anyone we have more than 4 people in our room.

DO NOT give our room card to anyone not in our room.

Okay, this is the list of people for sure coming:

1. Jenny Ayala
2 & 3. Sarah Brewster (and Matt Brewster?)
4. Aaron Greiger (he sleeps upside down in chairs, so don't count him in the who gets a bed count. Unless he decides he wants one this time. Which he is allowed, as he's deserved one for a while but never taken it)
5. Charla Horton
6. Torie Murdock
7. Jeff Philbrick

Other people who I suspect may be coming but I'm not sure:

Matt Patterson
Hunter Robinson
Matt Anderson

Give me a call if you want a spot in the room. If you're from Lake Jackson, plan on having at least a deposit ready for me when I'm there for Spring Break (March 14 through 22) because I am so not waiting until a week before to actually get something from you. You guys are the ones that drop out the most. =\ I'm not naming any names, but Matt. Hunter. Sarah.
Thus is the line up of cons for this coming half of the year/semester.

These are the people attending for each, the cosplays happening, the estimate of dues, and the dates. All the info that's relatively important.

IKKICON 2009 - Austin, Texas - Feb. 6-8

Jenny Ayala
Charla Horton
Torie Murdock
Sarah Brewster (?)
Mike B (?)

The dues, if we have between 6 and 8 people in the room, will be around $60 or $50.


SSBB Toon Link Army
Original Toon Link - Sarah Brewster (with Feather and maybe sword and sheild?)
Dark Toon Link - Jenny (with sword and sheild)
Red Toon Link - Torie (with boomerang)
Purple Toon Link - Charla (with bomb)

Charla will also probably bring Roxas and I'll probably bring Luffy.

Anime Matsuri 2009 - Houston/The Woodlands, Texas - April 10-12 (Easter Weekend)

I'm not actually sure if we'll be able to make it to this one. The current plan is yes and I'm planning to work in the game room with DDG (Digital Dimension Gaming, aka, DugFinn, Mr. 3000 and the whole crew). If we do go, these will be the people -




Cosplays will be the same as Ikkicon. I MIGHT have Zorin Blitz by then.

Anime Central 2009 - Chicago/Rosemont, Illinois - May 8-10 (that weekendish)

This con will cost someone flying from Houston $300 just on travel. Plus room, plus the $40 badge. Don't do it unless you REALLY want to.

Leafy Greens
Amanda/Short Sage
Everyone on the Ouran panel

Hellsing -
Zorin Blitz - Jenny Ayala
Rip van Winkle - Leafy
Herr Major - Amanda


Hana Kimi -
Umeda - Leafy
Kijima - Jenny

Dark Toon Link - Jenny

A-kon 2009 - Dallas, Texas - May 29-31

Room will be around $60 probably. We'll be staying in the Westin (woowoo!).

Jenny Ayala
Sarah Brewster (?)
Charla Horton (?)
Aaron Greiger

Cosplay is the same as A'cen.

Questions? Comments? Enlisting into the Toon Link army? We still need a Blue and a Classic : D Jefftastic might be Blue. =O


Ok, so, here's the updated list of people attending/maybe attending Oni-con and staying in our room:

1. Jenny Ayala
2. Sarah Williams
3. Matt Anderson
4. Matt Patterson
5. Aaron Greiger
6. Charla Horton

Sarah Mann

So, as you can see, we'll be getting snuggly. But we'll be paying less, so that's okay.

Now, for dues - the people coming in our car from Lake Jackson will be Jenny, Sarah Williams, Anderson, Patterson and Aaron. That's 5, we can probably fit us all in the van with our stuff easily. So, those 5 people will be paying for Room, Internet, Gas and Parking. I'm going to split up Lodging and Transportation into two separate things, as Charla and Sarah and Torie wouldn't be paying for our stuff, and such. Here's how it splits up:

Team Shenanigans (those coming from Lake Jackson)

45 (parking) + 40 (gas) = $85
Divided by 5 = $17

So that's how much the people carpooling from Lake Jackson owe for transportation.

Team Shenanigans and Team Non-Shenanigans combined
236.90 (room) + 9.99 (internet) = 246.89
Divided by 6 = 41.15 ~ $42
Divided by 7 = 35.27 ~ $36
Divided by 8 = 30.86 ~ $31

And EVERYONE owes this amount for lodging, because everyone pays for the room and the internet connection, even if you're not bringing a laptop, everyone pays, sorry. So, at the moment, with the confirmed people coming and those who already paid the $25 deposit, this is how dues sit:

Jenny - $34
Anderson - $34
Aaron - $34
Patterson - $59
Sarah - $59
Charla - $59

Also, Anderson, Sarah, Patterson, GET YOUR BADGES. Or get them at the con, whatever. It's cheaper if you preorder and less annoying.

Comment with any questions or comments.

[EDIT]: Anderson just informed me that he's not going to be able to attend, so once I figure out who's going to take his spot and if they'll be driving with us, I'll recalculate transportation dues, but the lodging dues will remain the same.

Oni-con 2008 - ROBOTU KICKU!!!!!

Ok, dues had to be re-calculated because Hunter won't be riding or parking with us. Which means that we have to pay more for dues now.


Anywho, here is everything calculated individually, and then added up for US. And then for HUNTER.

Room: 236.90 /5 = 47.38
Internet: 9.99 /5 = 1.998
Parking: 45 /4 = 11.25
Gas: 40 /4 = 10

47.38 (room) + 1.998 (internet) + 11.25 (parking) + 10 (gas) = 70.628 ~ $71

jackass HUNTER:
47.38 (room) + 1.998 (internet) = 49.378 ~ $50

After giving me money for the deposit, our dues at like this:

Jenny: $46
Sarah: $46
Aaron: $46
Matt: $46
Hunter: $25

Anime Nebraskon!

Pimping this con because I know some of the people on the staff and they are fabulous. Also, they have an awesome Ouran event.


I may or may not be going, depending on how it fits into the school schedule and if I can get a ride there D:

But still. I caught you a delicious con.