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Thus is the line up of cons for this coming half of the year/semester.

These are the people attending for each, the cosplays happening, the estimate of dues, and the dates. All the info that's relatively important.

IKKICON 2009 - Austin, Texas - Feb. 6-8

Jenny Ayala
Charla Horton
Torie Murdock
Sarah Brewster (?)
Mike B (?)

The dues, if we have between 6 and 8 people in the room, will be around $60 or $50.


SSBB Toon Link Army
Original Toon Link - Sarah Brewster (with Feather and maybe sword and sheild?)
Dark Toon Link - Jenny (with sword and sheild)
Red Toon Link - Torie (with boomerang)
Purple Toon Link - Charla (with bomb)

Charla will also probably bring Roxas and I'll probably bring Luffy.

Anime Matsuri 2009 - Houston/The Woodlands, Texas - April 10-12 (Easter Weekend)

I'm not actually sure if we'll be able to make it to this one. The current plan is yes and I'm planning to work in the game room with DDG (Digital Dimension Gaming, aka, DugFinn, Mr. 3000 and the whole crew). If we do go, these will be the people -




Cosplays will be the same as Ikkicon. I MIGHT have Zorin Blitz by then.

Anime Central 2009 - Chicago/Rosemont, Illinois - May 8-10 (that weekendish)

This con will cost someone flying from Houston $300 just on travel. Plus room, plus the $40 badge. Don't do it unless you REALLY want to.

Leafy Greens
Amanda/Short Sage
Everyone on the Ouran panel

Hellsing -
Zorin Blitz - Jenny Ayala
Rip van Winkle - Leafy
Herr Major - Amanda


Hana Kimi -
Umeda - Leafy
Kijima - Jenny

Dark Toon Link - Jenny

A-kon 2009 - Dallas, Texas - May 29-31

Room will be around $60 probably. We'll be staying in the Westin (woowoo!).

Jenny Ayala
Sarah Brewster (?)
Charla Horton (?)
Aaron Greiger

Cosplay is the same as A'cen.

Questions? Comments? Enlisting into the Toon Link army? We still need a Blue and a Classic : D Jefftastic might be Blue. =O


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Jan. 13th, 2009 06:39 pm (UTC)

Ikkicon - I can probably make it there, but I might not have Toon Link done. Between how much that'll cost and the room, it might be too much. I might just focus on getting Toon Link done for A-kon. o.o

Anime Matsuri - I can totally do that one. o.o It's close to home. ^_^ Might have Toon Link done by then too...see if you can get me a spot working? Mebbe?

Anime Central - I want to go SOOOO FREAKIN' BADLY. But I can't afford it with wedding jazz. >_<

A-kon - Going to work super hard to get there. I should have Toon Link done, and have payed all the wedding things already. Unless there are wedding things I have to be doing that weekend, I'll be there.

Also, Jen, if you just happen to find a Hitler Youth outfit, lemme know. Because I need to be Schrodinger. O_O I'mma start looking around, I'll probably wanna run them by you just to get your opinion. =D
Jan. 13th, 2009 09:28 pm (UTC)
It would be awesome to have you at Ikkicon =O And Charla's looking forward to seeing you again *guilttrip*guilttrip* I'm emailing you my idea for Toon Link.

I'll ask 3000 next time I talk to him if you can be a volunteer too =O And we can chill at Jefftastic's casa instead of getting a hotel, as Sugarland is closer to the Woodlands than Lake Jackson. That, or, we could in the room with DDG as 24 hour volunteers =O

If you have to miss A-kon, there will be much crying, but wedding is more importante, so its cool. Link me to any stuffs you find for Schrondinger and we can discuss! =O

Weewee! XD
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